A Brave new browser

Brave is a new open-source browser created by, among others, Brendan Eich, the co-founder of the Mozilla project and the developer of Javascript and Brian Bondy. The browser changes the way users, publishers and advertisers browse the internet.

Up to 50% of the mobile data that you and I use, goes to loading advertisements. Even though many users don’t even want to see them. You can say that we pay to be allowed to view advertisements. Not only in the form of your valuable mobile data, but also by wasting time waiting for everything to load! The advertisements also ensure a reduced battery life of up to 21% for your mobile phone.

Publishers, on the other hand, see only a small part of the advertising revenue. And lastly, advertisers face fraud and ad-blockers. The vast majority of advertising income goes to intermediaries like Google and Facebook. They take a big piece of the cake, around 70% of the ad revenue.


What is the Basic Attention Token or BAT?

The Brave browser has come up with a solution for this. They have devised a whole new digital advertising ecosystem. Central to this system is the Basic Attention Token or simply BAT, an ERC-20 token on the ethereum blockchain.

Brave rewards system

By default, Brave blocks all advertisements and trackers. This considerably improves the loading time of a site and the privacy of a user. At a later stage (in some countries this is already accessible) users will be able to choose whether they want to see advertisements. When someone chooses to see advertisements, they will get reimbursed through an amount of BAT in exchange for paying ‘attention’ to the advertisement. Advertisers then pay BAT to users so that users want to see their ads.

Users are able to reward publishers with a one-off or monthly donation with BAT. As a result, publishers earn a small monthly amount to keep writing and publishing fun and interesting articles.

As you can see, no more income goes to intermediaries like google or facebook.


What are the benefits of the Brave browser

The biggest advantage for users is the automatic blocking of advertisements and trackers. Not loading advertisements and trackers will save you 50% of mobile data. On top of that comes the extended life of your battery as the pages load on average 8 times faster! Brave on the desktop is still 3 times faster than any browser that is currently available. The browser is also very user-friendly and looks nice.

Security and privacy are highly regarded in Brave’s vision and this browser offers an unparalleled level of built-in user control. Brave updates all websites from HTTP to HTTPS whenever possible. It does not store your browsing history on servers but it stores it locally on your device. You can configure your settings yourself to automatically clear your history, cookies, etc. when you close the browser. In addition, there is the option to open a private browser tab in TOR!

In a new Tabpage, you see the Brave statistics: how many ads and trackers Brave blocked and the amount of HTTPS upgrades done.

brave statistics

In some countries, people can already watch ads in exchange for BAT. This will soon be possible around the world. This allows you to earn money by surfing normally!

Since both Chrome and Brave are built on Chromium, moving between browsers does not cause any problems. This makes it easy to import settings and data. The extensions that work with Google Chrome also work with Brave.

Publishers of interesting articles gain from using the Brave browser since users can reward them for good and interesting content.

The code is fully open-source and available on GitHub for anyone who wants to verify it.

Download brave browser

You can download the Brave browser here for Desktop, IOS and Android.

Basic Attention Tokens or BAT are for sale on Binance or on Coinbase.

You can store BAT tokens on a hardware wallet for maximum security!