Bitcoin breaks 5000 dollar mark!

Exactly one year ago, one bitcoin was worth 640 dollar. Today bitcoin reached a new milestone of 5000 dollar! One bitcoin was worth 5230 dollar today when it hit its new all time high. An amazing increase of more than 800% in just one year! One bitcoin will cost you about 4400 EURO as of today.


The price was pushed up as it became apparent that China is not going to act as strictly against bitcoin as first thought. As well as the announcement that the American bank Goldman Sach will investigate how it can help its clients invest in bitcoin.
Then there are rumors that Amazon will accept bitcoin in the near future as a means of payment. So only good news! More and more countries are looking forward to legalizing bitcoin and other crypto coins.


bitcoin 5000 dollar


Do you want to invest in bitcoin yourself? You can! You do not have to buy a whole bitcoin as bitcoin is calculated up to 8 digits after the comma. So you can easily invest 100 euro.

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Want to invest larger amounts in bitcoin? Please read this page on how you do not have to pay transaction fees at coinbase. It is also highly advisable when buying larger amounts of bitcoin to purchase a hardware wallet to safely store your bitcoins. Read more about it here!


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