Up to 10% cashback and a 50$ sign up bonus with crypto.com visa card

The visa card from Crypto.com is now available in the USA, the EU, and Asia. There is currently a nice promotion that you will be refunded your Spotify (and Netflix) subscription depending on which card you order.

You also get a cashback of 1–5% on all purchases with this card and until the end of September even a cashback of 10% on purchases at Aldi, McDonald’s, Lidl,… You also get a 50 $ bonus when you register via this link.

The debit card of crypto.com

To order the debit card, you must first download the crypto.com application. After that, you can create an account and order the card. The Visa debit card is linked to a cryptocurrency from Crypto.com, namely the MCO cryptocurrency. There are currently 5 different card levels to order, depending on how much MCO you want to stake. The benefits are also different per card:

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What do we see in the image above?

  • $ 50 bonus when applying for the card via this link (except for the free card) or by entering the bonus code e2c2tt4fu3 in the app. To get the bonus you also need to stake 50 MCO coins for 6 months. After you start staking, the bonus is immediately paid out in MCO. Be careful, if you do not use the bonus code, you will not receive a 50 $ bonus. If you do use the code, we both receive a 50 $ bonus.
  • 100% cashback on your Spotify subscription paid out in MCO every month (minimum staking of 50 MCO) when you pay the subscription with your MCO card
  • 100% cashback on your Netflix subscription paid every month in MCO (minimum staking of 500 MCO) when you pay the subscription with your MCO card
  • Cashback up to 5% on all your purchases with your card depending on how much MCO you want to stake (realistically you will get 2–3% cashback) paid out in MCO. Let’s take a look at the red card: for this you have to stake 50 MCO (these are currently around 4.5 dollar each). If you pay 100 dollar with this card, you will receive 2 dollar back in MCO coins. You can easily convert this to dollars via the app and spend it again.
  • Until the end of September, you will receive 10% cashback at Lidl, Just Eat, Aldi, McDonald’s, Uber Eats, Domino’s (5% with the free card, see details here).
  • A real debit card delivered at home!
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The table also shows how much MCO you have to stake to be able to order a particular card. To order a certain card, you have to stake that number of MCO coins for 6 months. After these 6 months, you can just sell the MCO coins again if you want. You can easily buy and sell MCO coins via the crypto.com app.

To be able to order the red card, you must stake 50 MCO coins. For the green or purple card you must already stake 500 MCO coins, and so on. Since you have to stake the MCO coins for 6 months (and you will not be able to withdraw them from the staking for this period of time), you are also subject to exchange rate differences. Below you can see the price of an MCO coin for the last year:

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What happens if you don’t want to stake MCO coins?

If you don’t want to stake, you still have benefits, but fewer benefits than if you did. This way you will have fewer cashback rewards and the benefits of having Spotify or Netflix for free will disappear.

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Calculation example when you want to stake

Suppose you order the Ruby steel card and you stake the 50 MCO for 1 year. It will cost you around 250 dollars to stake it for a year, after which you can still sell it. When you spend 1,000 dollars each month through the card, you will receive a total of 240 dollars in MCO coins in cashback. Which you can exchange and spend afterward.

If you also pay for your Spotify subscription with this card, you will also get this amount back. That’s an easy saving of  155 dollars on a yearly basis. You also currently receive a welcome bonus of $ 50 when you open your account and apply for your card. To get that bonus, click on this link. In total, you will save 440 dollars according to this calculation, after which you can still sell your MCO. In case you shop at Lidl, Aldi,… every month for groceries and you spent 500 dollars in those shops, add another 50 dollars cashback to this calculation!

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Important information

  • Staking: To be able to order your card (all cards higher than the free card) you have to stake that number of MCO coins. Purchasing and staking these MCO coins is done via the app. Don’t forget that staking for 6 months makes you subject to exchange rate differences!
  • The cashback you get is in MCO: All the cashback, so also the refund of your Spotify or Netflix subscription (which you have to pay with the card if you want to get a refund for this), is in MCO. However, this is easy to switch to your currency to spend afterward. You can also choose to have the money returned to your bank account.
  • This is not a credit card: crypto.com cards are debit cards, so there must always be a balance available that covers the amount you have to pay. So you have to transfer money to the card in order to spend afterward.
  • KYC is required to apply for the card: Crypto.com must comply with the strict rules of KYC (or Know Your Customer). So you must at least upload your name, your ID, and a selfie to be able to order your card.
  • Terms, conditions, and benefits: Full terms and other benefits can be found here: https://crypto.com/document/eu_card and here: https://crypto.com/document/crypto_earn
  • Registration bonus: When you have registered and you have completed the KYC procedure in the app, you will also receive an email with your own referral code. If you now invite someone via the referral link, both of you will also receive 50 $
  • Order your card! You can always enter the referral code e2c2tt4fu3 in the app to get a 50 $ bonus. However, this must be done within 24 hours of registration.