up to 31$ of free Cryptocurrency with Coinbase Earn!

Coinbase Earn has added new cryptocurrencies to the program. The Coinbase Earn program is intended to familiarize users with the possibilities and goals of the different cryptocurrencies. You can watch videos about the how and why of these cryptocurrencies. When you have watched the videos, you must solve a short quiz about the video that you have just seen. With correct answers you earn a few dollars for free from that cryptocurrency.


Which cryptocurrencies can currently be earned for free at Coinbase Earn?

You have to watch a small tutorial and answer a couple questions. At this moment you can earn the following cryptocurrencies:

  • 3$ NuCypher
  • 3$ The Graph
  • 6$ Celo
  • 9$ Comp
  • 10$ Stellar Lumens

New Earn possibilities are added on a regular basis!

You can save of all these different cryptocurrencies in your Coinbase wallet. You can also convert these to Euro, Dollar or Pound and withdraw it via your bank account. All you need to do to be eligible is to create a Coinbase account. Then follow the verification procedure and place yourself on the waiting lists of the Coinbase Earn Program.

When purchasing your first 100 $ cryptocurrency from Coinbase, you still get 10 $ of Bitcoin for free. Not sure how to create a Coinbase account? Here you can follow step by step what to do!

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