Up to $500 in crypto sign up bonuses

There are currently a lot of ongoing promotions where you can earn a nice amount without having to invest a lot! The promotions below are ordered: the higher the promotion is in the list, the easier and less time it takes to clear it! Have fun clearing these crypto sign up bonuses!

Overview of the crypto sign up bonuses:

  1. € 15 free with Bitpanda
  2. Up to € 100 free with Swissborg
  3. $ 50 free with CakeDefi
  4. $ 10 free with OKCoin
  5. $ 50 free with CelsiusNetwork
  6. $ 40 free with BlockFI
  7. $ 25 free with NEXO
  8. Up to $ 250 free with quantfury
  9. $ 75 free with Crypto.com (with cashback and your Spotify subscription paid back!)
  10. € 5 free with Curve



1) € 15 free with Bitpanda

Bitpanda is an Austrian cryptocurrency trading platform where new users can get €10 in sign up bonus and €5 in BEST tokens when they complete a short quiz.

crypto sign up bonus Bitpanda


  • Sign up via this link to receive the welcome bonus
  • Verify your identity (this only takes a few minutes)
  • Deposit a minimum of € / £ 25 via bank transfer (no costs involved).
  • Buy at least € / £ 25 worth of cryptocurrency on the Bitpanda platform (NOT on exchange.bitpanda.com). I recommend you buy BEST tokens as you will get the other bonus in BEST so you can sell it more easily later.
  • The € 10 welcome bonus will be added directly to your EUR wallet.
  • Take their beginner quiz, score at least 80% and receive € 5 in BEST. If you don’t succeed the first time, you can try again.
  • You can now sell all your cryptocurrency back to your currency and withdraw everything to your bank. (minimum withdrawal is € / £ 25)



2) Up to € 100 free with Swissborg

The Swissborg wealth app is currently offering every new user between €1-€100 in CHSB tokens (the platforms native crypto) for free through a lottery ticket. Simply sign up through my referral link and deposit to get your free crypto! 

crypto sign up bonus Swissborg


  • Sign up on Swissborg through this link
  • Verify your phone number and create an account. You will then need to verify your identity (id / passport + selfie)
  • Deposit at least €50/£50 (you can also choose cryptocurrency)
  • You will receive a lottery ticket with a random amount between €1-€100 in CHSB immediately after your deposit! Scratch it to see how much you’ve won!
  • You can exchange the CHSB for your currency and withdraw it immediately. Note that if you deposited cryptocurrency, withdrawal fees are applicable! See here for the withdrawal fees.

Good luck with the lottery ticket 🙂



3) $ 50 free with CakeDefi

Cake DeFi is a crypto web app where you can earn interest through lending, staking or liquidity mining. They offer a $30 sign-up bonus, paid instantly as DFI (Defichain), for anybody who deposits $50 of crypto.

Crypto Sign up bonus CakeDFI

What should you do?

  • Sign up via this referral link or use this code when signing up: 253943. 
  • Go through the signup procedure consisting of email verification, phone number verification, identification, etc.
  • Deposit at least $50 worth of crypto coins.
  • Bonus time! The bonus is automatically locked for 180 days and during that time you will receive interest on it (around 35% atm). In case you want to withdraw your bonus after 180 days, go to the ‘freezer’ section on their website and turn off auto-renew.

You can withdraw the 50$ of your original deposit immediately. The best crypto for depositing is Litecoin or Dash because of the low network transaction costs when depositing and withdrawing

After 180 days you can collect and sell your DFI tokens that you received for free on Kucoin, for example.

They recently also started an ‘Learn’ program. At his moment you can earn 5$ more in DFI coins when you complete a quiz. 5$ in Ethereum and Bitcoin will be next in their Learn program! Users who’ve already created an account but havent completed the quiz yet are also eligible for this little bonus!



4) $ 10 free with OKCoin

You can now get 10$ when you create an account with OKcoin and make one trade!

$10 referral bonus for depositing and trading $100 in crypto or buying $100 crypto directly with your bank card through their ‘Buy Crypto’ feature. 

Note that depositing crypto onto the platform and trading this, does not qualify for the sign up bonus.

Steps for both bonuses

  • Sign up through my referral link to be eligible for the bonus 
  • Verify your identity to at least level 2.
  • Deposit $100 or more from your bank account or credit card. With a credit card it is instant and costs 3.99% in fees.
  • To meet the referral bonus requirements, you buy $100 worth of crypto. You can then sell the $100 worth of crypto back if you wish and withdraw it again.
  • The $10 referral bonus will then be added to your account around midnight. It will be locked on the platform for 180 days and will be available for withdrawal once this period is over.



5) $ 50 free with CelsiusNetwork

Celsius Network is an app in which you receive interest (up to 8.88%) on the cryptocoins you deposit in it. You can also take it off at any time. You now get $ 50 for free in Bitcoin when you deposit $ 400 worth of cryptocoins for the first time and leave it on the platform for at least 30 days. If you want to run little risk, I advise you to deposit a stablecoin such as USDC or DAI. This way, you have little exchange risk but you do get the bonus and also 10% interest on the USDC / DAI.

Crypto Sign up bonus Celsius


  • sign up through my referral link for the $ 50 referral bonus (paid out in BTC) or use code 1178158677 in the app when registering. You get the referral bonus when you deposit $ 400 worth of cryptocoins in one transaction and leave it in the app for 30 days.
  • 30 days later your bonus will unlock and become available for withdrawal together with the interest you’ve earned. Important: don’t withdraw anything from the app until the bonuses are credited, or they will be canceled.



6) $ 40 free with BlockFI

BlockFi is an interest earning app (like Celsius) and they are currently offering $10 in BTC for new users who sign up through a referral link and that deposit and hold a balance of $100 USD until the next interest payment, which is the 2nd Friday of every month.

Crypto Sign up bonus BlockFi


  • Sign up through my ref link and make sure code 9b957872. 
  • Get your ID verified
  • Deposit $100 worth of any crypto (It’s best to deposit a crypto with low network fees like Litecoin, trade them for a stablecoin like USDC to keep your balance above 100$ at all times)
  • In the second friday after the month you deposited, you will see $10 in BTC added to your wallet.
  • Withdrawing before the bonus is given will make. you lose the bonus. Once the bonus is paid, you can withdraw.

Added Bonus:

You get one free crypto withdrawl every month with Blockfi for the following cryptocoins: BTC, LTC and all stablecoins (USDT, USDC, BUSD, GUSD, PAX and DAI). So very useful if you have to move around stablecoins to for example Celsius (deposit Litecoin – trade on blockfi – withdraw for free to Celsius)



7) $ 25 free with NEXO

Nexo is a crypto lending platform, similar to Celsius. You can deposit crypto or fiat into the platform and earn interest on it. They have increased their referral bonus: you will get $25 (previously $10) in BTC for free after you deposit a minimum of $100 (or equivalent) and keep it on the platform for 30 days.

Crypto Sign up bonus NEXO

Steps to complete for the referral bonus:

  • Sign up through my referral link.  The referral program is currently not available via the Nexo mobile apps so make sure you use a web or mobile browser.
  • Go through the KYC (phone / email address / id verification) until you complete the advanced verification status.
  • Make a deposit of $100 or more (fiat deposit possible, there are no fees)
  • The $25 bonus in BTC will unlock after 30 days. After these 30 days, you will be able to withdraw the bonus and your deposit.
  • Added bonus is the one free withdrawal in crypto per month! 🙂



8) Up to $ 250 free with quantfury

Quantfury is a trading platform that allows you to trade crypto and stocks. You can now get 5-250$ in either crypto or a stock when you deposit 50$.

Crypto Sign up bonus Quantfury


  • Download the app from quantfury
  • Create an account and when asked to enter an invite code type – 6H6P293W
  • Fund your account with at least $50 worth of Crypto (preferable Litecoin of Dash due to the low withdrawal costs). The app will tell you how much crypto you have to deposit minimum, I suggest that if you deposit Litecoin, to deposit like 55$ in case the price of LTC goes down before your deposit clears.
  • Once your deposit clears, you can click the reward and sell it. Your reward will be automatically sold into the cryptocurrency you chose to make the initial deposit. (so if you deposited Litecoin, your reward will be sold to Litecoin)
  • You do have to wait 90 days to withdraw your reward and your initial deposit, otherwise your reward disappears. Network costs apply when you withdraw, but when using Litecoin or Dash, they are super low.



9) $ 75 free with Crypto.com (with cashback and your Spotify subscription paid back!)

See here for an extensive article on how to earn this $75 (and much more!)

10) € 5 free with Curve

Curve is a mastercard debit card that allows you to instantly spend money from all your existing debit/credit cards, meaning you only need to carry one card with you. So you can link all your other debit/credit cards to your curve card via the app. Super handy in combination with the above crypto.com card!

The advantages of this card:

  • Exchange the underlying card you have used up to 30 days after a purchase with the ‘go-back in time feature’
  • You also get 1% cashback on your purchases with Curve for three months

Download the app here and order ‘curve blue’ for free. Make sure that code DPAMWW6D is entered.

A few days later you will receive your map of curve by post. When you have bought at least 1x something with your curve card, you get 5EUR for free, which you can spend again.